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Dec. 13th, 2007

My friend and I created a timeline of large events that occurred in our lifetime, he was born in 1982 and I was born in 1985.

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Since I'm updating again, forgot to mention..

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Woop. Second day on the job. Def a bit more confident and chatty today. Learned how to change a tire. Goddamn those tires are heavy. Took everything I had to lift them and still had to kinda balance them on my hip/leg to get them on. Gotta get strong and buff I see! :-D Got to use the airgun which was a bit unnerving at first...very loud. But I got the hang of it quick. Helped out with a couple more oil changes, watched a muffler replacement, more paperwork, estimate program work on the computer. Uhh, I think that was it. There was actually more cars than yesterday but for some reason not as much to list, slower work. Hopefully won't get in trouble tomorrow for leaving early. They only have one clock in the entire place it seems, and I checked it and it said 1:54 (I swear to God, I really don't think I misread it) so I left, because I'm done @ 2. But when I got to the daycare, their clock only read like 1:20. :-/ But by that point Hunter was up, had seen me and was demanding his shoes and coat to go home so I couldn't really go back. We'll see I guess.

Thanks for all the well wishes on getting better! Hunter's mostly over it, he slept well last night...albeit on the floor of my bedroom. But he was sooooooooooooo clingy today when I tried to drop him off for daycare. God it breaks my heart, I seriously was tearing up because he's just sitting and wailing at the top of his lungs "No mama!" "Mama up!" "No go!" "Mama uv!!" (love) Oi. :( *sigh* My cold still hasn't materialized much *crosses fingers*

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May. 29th, 2007

Hunter and I were off sick today, mostly cuz the daycare wouldn't take him. But my nose is just a tiny bit stuffy and my throat is a bit sore and glands a bit swollen. But it felt like this yesterday and it hasn't materialized *knock on wood* So I'm really hoping I won't get sick sick. I really don't need anymore time off this WEX!

Naughty us, 10:44 and Hunter and I are still awake lol. But god bless he's a cutie. He slept from like 7:30ish until 10 and then gets out of bed and comes out and goes "Cuddle bed! Cuddle bed!" until I took him in to my bed and cuddled with him.

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What a morning! Had my interview though..

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Hunter and I met up with Kacey and her daughter Layla, Kylene and her son Kaiden and Haley and her son Preston. They're all within about a month in age. We all headed off to the Beacon Hill Petting Zoo and playground and they all had suuuuuuuch a breeze. Hunter had so much fun with the other kids and the goats and bunnies and playground. It's the first time we've all hung out in 6+ months. It's really hard between people moving, school, etc. :-D Hopefully gonna make it more regular now that the weather is nice too! Tryin to entice the girls to Undersea Gardens next time!

More pix later, too tired now.

Also looking in to subsidized housing. Kylene has a really nice place she just recently moved in to. It's a 2 bedroom and she pays about $270 a month for it. Not bad at all eh? It's in a not too bad neighbourhood, on bus routes and all that jazz. They have a sign out front so I'm hoping that maybe it won't be too long before I can get in. She was on a wait list for 2 years but we were both thinking that if they had such a long wait list right now, why would they put a big sign out front with a # to call? Wouldn't they just start going down their list privately and pop someone in right quick? Anyway, never hurts to investigate and I'd love to get outta here and start doin some realllllllll livin!

Apr. 13th, 2007

I miss her a lot tonight.

I hate writing and we-writing the same entry. But there it is. At least this time I miss her because things are going well, not because things suck and I'm down, right?

There's so many things I want to tell her. Hunter's come so far in the past month and even further in the past two months, and she won't get to see it and god, she would've loved it. She would've loved him even more right now, with all the talking. This is also about the time/month that she wanted to take him back to swimming lessons and playgroup. And Hunter keeps talking about "Gramma! Gramma!" and wanting to look at her pictures. I wanted her to hear him say Grandma just once but we didn't make it.

And I keep thinking about all the things she and I had talked about doing that we never will. The trip to Edmonton, going up island again, Hunter and I staying overnight. And stupid things that are kinda pointless, like the playpen she bought thinking Hunter might stay overnight sometime and it never happened. Kinda silly considering I know she likely didn't care herself since she saw him 2-3 times a week either way lol.

And she'd probably slap me for whining on like this about her so I'll stop now.

I dropped off my resume and cover letter today. I have the job, committed to 30 hours total of volunteering there, then after that I guess we'll see. Should be good. Waiting for a call for my interview now. :-)

And Mike and I have a date on Sunday, so that also should be good. We've been hanging out a bit more again and it's nice.

Apr. 1st, 2007

We did end up putting Lucy to sleep yesterday afternoon. It's very sad and I miss her quite a bit already. Even with two other cats, the house just seems a bit more empty without her laying out in the hallway or barreling up the stairs at dinnertime. My mum decided not to take her ashes, they'll be scattered somewhere (the hospital has a place they do it). We'll get a pawprint. I was not there when they put her to sleep but apparently it was very very fast and painless and the people were very lovely. So thank you to them.

Here's a picture of me and Luce back when I was only 11 or so.

Miss ya old gal.

On the upside, it was Preston (Hunter's friend)'s second birthday today. So we had a lot of fun going out and doing that. Expect lots of pictures tomorrow (likely). Too late to do it now. A big happy birthday to Lil P. :-D

Mar. 30th, 2007

This is my kitty Lucy. It looks like she may be heading for the end. She's been very sick lately, in a bunch of different ways. Started off with her eye, spread to not eating/drinking/using the litterbox. Finally took her in to the cat hospital where she's spending tonight. She's gone blind in both eyes, she has high calcium which is a sign of cancer and they suspect something is wrong with her kidneys as well.

It's a bit saddening because she's been in the family since I was only about 8 or 9 and is by far, my favourite of our three kitties. A very very sweet, cuddely girl who loves nothing more than snuggling on your legs. She recently decided her new sleeping place was my bed and it was really nice because she hadn't spent much time around me because of Hunter. But she's around 15 years old, so quite old for a cat, and she's lived a long good spoiled life so I also can't complain too much.

We'll have to wait and see.